Mattie (hipkid) wrote,

13 Years.

All you need to know about the past 13 years is that everything is different, yet strangely the same. I just re-read all my old journal entries and I was like "Yup...still me." Some of the characters and locations may be different, but it feels like the same damn story. Hell, we're in a new decade. I don't even know if people still read other peoples shit on here anymore. I just felt the need to have an outlet that no one knows me on. Facebook is so overpopulated with people I don't care about and don't want knowing my business. This will do for now I guess. So what can I say about myself? Ive grown into a cranky overweight underachieving pseudo musician/artist with absolutely no drive and a fiery hatred for his job and sometimes most people. My family life improves and then implodes. Im still single and my sexuality has switched sides more times than a tennis ball at Wimbledon. Sometimes my mind feels so overloaded with shit and massive amounts of trash, I think it will be good to write randomly on live journal again. Do people hashtag on here? Ooh, I see you can add a mood and music still. How 2002. Ok so points that I might touch on in the future. I like a girl named jessi but have no clue where she stands, my job blows, Im helping my brother and his fiancee plan a wedding, we are selling our home of 5 years and I have to go back to live with my parents. Thats about it for now. Im going to really try to keep up with this. Until nest time...
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