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2 months later.

OK. WOW. I haven't written in this thing since April 13th. That's pretty sad. We have SOOO much to catch up on. For starters...John and I only lasted about a month. He wanted , I wasn't ready. I started hanging out with this Jen, who wound up becoming a wonderful friend. One day, we wound up going to this coffee house called The Grind. It was there that I met Danielle, another very good friend of mine. I also wound up running into a few people I met in March, Lisa and Anna. We became sisters. So they introduced me to Desiree and Toniann and a bunch of other people who are now my friends. So...yeah. Life has changed. In the past month, Jen started Orin...which, by the way, they are so filthy. Oh! That brings me to Filthstock 2002. We decided to dub this summer Filthstock 2002: The Summer of Experimentation. The Summer of Filth. So far...we've all been pretty dirty. There have been alot of parties and all night galavants, plenty of idiot road trips and, even though I'm ..I've touched plenty-o-boobies. So as you can see I've been pretty busy. I still don't have a boyfriend. My family still doesnt know that I am . But, all in all, I'm happy. My parents are leaving for the summer in less than a week (YES!!!). I still work for Blockbuster. I need to get out of there though. I am only working 10 hours this week. Hopefully I'll find another job soon. Well..I'm glad that I started writing in this journal again. I missed it. There is so much more that has happened in the past 2 months that I wish I could share, but it would take me all night. You basically got the important stuff. So, I'm out for now. I'll write again VERY soon though. Later.

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