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2 days until my BIRTHDAY!!!

Hello today!!! I just woke up. I partied my ass off last night. I got drunk and danced forever. I haven't had that much fun since I went to Ohio. I'm making new friends and running into old ones. Life actually seems right. Well...some of it does anyway. I'm off from work today and it's beautiful. I was going to hang out with Lisa, but her mom just hung up on me. Dammit. My parents are like that too. I cannot wait for my parents to go away. Nothing but peace. And fun. I need fun. Real fun. I'll have fun for a little bit, and then depression comes. I need this to last. At least through the summer. Sorry my journal is so boring. It's not that I don't have anything to write's just that what is going on with me is all happening really fast and I love it, but I'm like "Whoa!". One day I'll express my feelings more clearly. Until then. Bye.

-Hip Kid
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