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hipkid's Journal

31 March
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acting, alanis morissette, alf, animals, art, bacon cheeseburgers, batman, big cities, big words, bisexuals, broadway shows, buffy, candles, cartoons, cds, chai tea, charlie's angels, cheese fries, cigarettes, clubs, coffee, concerts, crayons, creativity, crosses, culture, dance, dancing, disney movies, dogs, dolphins, drama, drawing, drinking, driving, dvds, electronica, empire records, fairy tales, fire, flirting, four leaf clovers, friends, gays, girls, gum, hair dye, hanging out, he-man, hippies, homies, horses, hugs, imagination, incense, individuality, insomnia, inspiration, ireland, italy, keychains, kissing, kung fu, laughter, lesbians, life, lightning, linkin park, lord of the rings, love, luck, mad tv, madonna, magnets, making out, men, mischief, moulin rouge, mountain dew, mountains, movies, muppets, music, musicals, new york city, night, ninja turtles, nonconformity, odie, old skool, painting, paris, partying, peach snapple, peanut butter, pepsi, pictures, piercings, pizza, play-doh, poetry, posters, punk, radio, rain, raves, reading, red hair, relaxing, renaissance, rings, road trips, rock, roller coasters, sarah michelle gellar, sarcasm, saturday night live, scary movies, scooby doo, sex, shooting stars, showering, silver, singing, sleep, smurfs, sneaking out, snoopy, snow, star wars, stars, stickers, sugar, summer, sunsets, sweaters, tattoos, techno, the 80's, the cranberries, the ocean, thinking, thunderstorms, tv, video games, weed, weirdness, wind, winter, woodstock