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1 more day until my BIRTHDAY!!!

Hello journal. Last night I hung out with Molly and Jessica at the Unicorn. I dipped my cigarette in sugar. Tasted pretty good. It's so funny that I ran into Molly the other day. We went to junior high together and I haven't seen her since. That's been happening to me all over the place. I come home for a year and am living incognito...and all of a sudden 100 people I know just start showing up. It's been really cool though. I'm going clubbing again after work tonight. I'm supposed to meet this guy and his friends there. He sold me my cell phone. = ) Too weird. I'm pretty nervous that tonight is going to be like every other night and turn out shitty. Well, Thursday wasn't bad at all. However, all the times before that were shitty. So...wish me luck. Next time we talk...I'll be a whole year older!!! Love ya!

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