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3 days until my BIRTHDAY!

It is SO early. Well, early for someone who usually wakes up around 2. But I have to open the store again today. I'm excited. Only 3 days left until my birthday!!! The big 22. I decided I don't like this getting older thing. I liked 21 just fine. Old enough to drink, yet young enough to still act stupid and have an excuse. I guess the only sucky thing is that I can't rent a car yet. That might be something to look forward to. Speaking of things to look forward to, I am going out and getting drunk tonight. There's this club in Jersey that has drinks for $1 from 8-12. I'm going prepared with $ I doubt I will drink that much, since it really doesn't take that much to get me drunk. But I am happy I will be getting to spend time with friends and all that cool stuff. Well. I have videos and dvd's to do stuff to, so I'll be going now. Later.

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