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P. S. 4 is number 1!!!

FUN DAY! I went to work and actually had a good time. It was way too nice out to be inside Blockbuster though. It didn't really matter though. I felt good. I still feel good. I don't really know why. Part of me feels awful...but I just feel like I keep finding parts of me over and over. So I guess that would negate the total shitiness I feel and should be paying more attention to. Something odd to talk about. Last night, my good friend Danielle and her mom had me over. Turns out that her mom is friends with this guy John that I knew in 4th grade. It was so funny to see him because it turns out that we know a bunch of the same people, but we haven't seen each other since our time at P.S. 4 (4 is 1!!!). So yeah. Small world. I had a good time last night too. Anyways. I'm off to figure out something to do with myself right now. I got a haircut before. Looks great. (Love you Ann!!) So. I'm out. Later.

-the Hipster
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